Addicted to Fashiolista

this week,i've been busy for loved anything at fashiolista, i just love the items in there and makes me craving for those things :p so , i've tried to combine few items , maybe we get an incredible look! haha



so which one do you like? :D
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hi everyone! now i'm in the mood for blogging ! yeeeeah :D~
so,this time i wanna share a few photos from the place i've been visited couple months ago before the examination . hihiii so lateeeee post !

so thats me with my boy and the girlsss ;;)

 strawberry fondue :9

 chicken curry rice :9
 waffle :9

im forgot this drink name ._. something with oreo

oya, happy fasting everyone! sorry to post this photos of yummy delicious dessert :( haha 
see you next post! 


its just the beginning

hi everyoneeee :D i've been busy for a month! for signed up in college yeahhh the test and the others , made me feel so stressed :( 

but nowwwwwww i'm ready for summer! yeah S-U-M-M-E-R >.<

hihi even though right here in east borneo,specially balikpapan rain still falls :(
so here i am gonna show you a bit my stuff for summer and daily :p

my mom bought this fuchsia bag just for meeeee because i graduated from high school :'D

and the sandals , i just received it few a weeks ago. The boss from my father's office bought this from italyyyy kya >.<

okay i think its enough :D bye