why refreshing? because i just finished my school examination.
yeaaaahhh feel good :D
so me and my friends did a little photoshoot out of town ;)
check this out :

 my lovely one <3 !

actually, there's still one more examination and its really frustating.
hope i can get trough it !
bye :)

"i'm sorry if my english is not quite well yet. i'm still learning and try to practicing. thank you :)"

The Latest Hotness : Mint

well in this season, mint color really dominant.
from top to toe and mix with the other pattern,it comes out really stunning and amazing.
here is few photos from lookbook which gets the mint fever haha 

even the boys, won't missed out the trends.

WAW this guys really good to match this cute mint color :3
okay,what about me?
hmm i dont have any clothes with mint color yet,but i try to combine a bit . hehe
u can see in this picture
sexy right?