hello everyone, finally i'm back hehe
first of all i wanna say thank you for your lovely comment and i'm really happy to read that.
and secondly , i wanna tell you why i'm not update my blog lately
because, i was very busy to prepare my college orientation and after that i got sick for a few days so yeah i have to sleep and rest :(
the truth is i really want to post about my outfit, but i never get the chance so, i have to wait for the spare time.
sorry guys if my english grammar is not really good.
i'm trying! haha 
you know , i never thought that this college life would be so hard.
but i'm not gonna give up , because its just the beginning :)

wish me luck ya! i promise i will update more posts 
have a good day everyone , bye :*

Without a struggle, there can be no progress.
Frederick Douglass


Addicted to Fashiolista

this week,i've been busy for loved anything at fashiolista, i just love the items in there and makes me craving for those things :p so , i've tried to combine few items , maybe we get an incredible look! haha



so which one do you like? :D
don't forget to follow me on  fashiolista ! okey ;)



hi everyone! now i'm in the mood for blogging ! yeeeeah :D~
so,this time i wanna share a few photos from the place i've been visited couple months ago before the examination . hihiii so lateeeee post !

so thats me with my boy and the girlsss ;;)

 strawberry fondue :9

 chicken curry rice :9
 waffle :9

im forgot this drink name ._. something with oreo

oya, happy fasting everyone! sorry to post this photos of yummy delicious dessert :( haha 
see you next post! 


its just the beginning

hi everyoneeee :D i've been busy for a month! for signed up in college yeahhh the test and the others , made me feel so stressed :( 

but nowwwwwww i'm ready for summer! yeah S-U-M-M-E-R >.<

hihi even though right here in east borneo,specially balikpapan rain still falls :(
so here i am gonna show you a bit my stuff for summer and daily :p

my mom bought this fuchsia bag just for meeeee because i graduated from high school :'D

and the sandals , i just received it few a weeks ago. The boss from my father's office bought this from italyyyy kya >.<

okay i think its enough :D bye


Quick Post

well,i haven't post anything yet since march! fyuuuuhhh long time no see you my baby :3
i just want to share few photos, and maybe tomorrow i will post about my high school T.T

so many things happened since april, i'll tell you laterrrrrrr
mwah! :3


why refreshing? because i just finished my school examination.
yeaaaahhh feel good :D
so me and my friends did a little photoshoot out of town ;)
check this out :

 my lovely one <3 !

actually, there's still one more examination and its really frustating.
hope i can get trough it !
bye :)

"i'm sorry if my english is not quite well yet. i'm still learning and try to practicing. thank you :)"

The Latest Hotness : Mint

well in this season, mint color really dominant.
from top to toe and mix with the other pattern,it comes out really stunning and amazing.
here is few photos from lookbook which gets the mint fever haha 

even the boys, won't missed out the trends.

WAW this guys really good to match this cute mint color :3
okay,what about me?
hmm i dont have any clothes with mint color yet,but i try to combine a bit . hehe
u can see in this picture
sexy right?